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How to sort countries by ping, popularity, or name on the PureVPN Mac app

Sep 07, 2021
Nov 25, 2021
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Tired of scrolling up and down to search for a location? Here’s a simplified way to sort them.

  • Click globe icon at the left panel of the PureVPN App.
  • To sort countries via name or popularity, click the sorting icon from the top. You will now see the options to sort by name or popularity.
  • To sort countries by name, click Sort by Name, once done countries will be listed based on names:
  • To sort countries via popularity, click on Sort by Popularity, once done countries will be listed based on popularity.
  • To sort countries via ping, first you will need to enable the ping values from the PureVPN app. To enable ping values go to PureVPN app preferences.
  • Enable Show ping values
  • Once done go back to the location tab and click the sorting icon. Ping will now appear, click Sort by Ping.
  •  Once done countries will be listed based on ping.

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