PureKeep FAQs

Have questions in mind? Looking for asnwers? Well we have got you covered. Follow this article now to learn more.

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at October 5th, 2023

Have questions in mind? Looking for asnwers? Well we have got you covered. We have listed down some FAQ's that you may go through and we hope it will answer your questions 😎

What is a password manager?

You get a lot done on the Internet, and that means you probably have a lot of accounts on many different websites.  But did you know that if you use the same password on every website or almost use the same password and change it a little bit for each site you’re more vulnerable to a cyber attack? Because if just one of these websites gets broken into, thieves can get ahold of the passwords of everyone on that site and can use them to break into accounts on other sites.

Break-ins happen more than you think—and often without the hacked website even knowing.  To resist the temptation of reusing passwords, try:

Writing down your passwords: Wait, aren’t we supposed to keep passwords in our heads and never write them down? Actually, writing them down, and keeping them somewhere safe like your wallet, is useful so you’ll at least know if your written passwords go missing or get stolen.

Use a password manager: Password managers are programs you can download for your phone or computer that will create, store, and even automatically fill in unique passwords on websites and other online services. When you install a password manager, you should update all of your old, weak passwords. Password managers can keep your account details safe and synchronise them between your devices. Warning: Password managers do need a master password—one that you type into the manager to unlock all the others. You’ll want that one to be extra secure, but easy to remember because it’s the one password you won’t be able to store in your password manager.


What is Vault and how does it work?

Vaults are where all your data is stored within PureKeep. You can imagine them as secure folders that can hold an arbitrary number of entries (called Vault Items). Vaults are protected by strong, state of the art encryption and can only be accessed by you. Not even we can read what’s inside, even if we wanted to!

After creating your PureKeep account, you’ll start off with a single Vault called “My Vault”. This vault is meant only for you and is where you'll store all your personal data.


What is a tag in Password Manager?

Tags are a simple but powerful way to organise items by type, areas of use or any other criteria you can come up with. This not only provides additional context but also makes the item more discoverable (even across multiple vaults). To add a tag to an item, enter edit mode and click on the  Add Tag input and start typing. Hit enter or click on one of the suggested tags to add it.


How does attachment work in Password Manager?

Fields allow you store all kinds of text-based information within your vault items, but sometimes that isn’t enough. After all, a lot of sensitive information is stored within pdf documents, spreadsheets, photos and all kinds of other files. Attachments allow you to securely store those documents alongside your vault items. To attach a file to a vault item, simply click the  Attachment icon in edit mode and select the file you’d like to store.


What is the URL to access PureKeep web console?

Here is the URL for accessing PureKeep web console.


Which devices or operating systems are supported by PureKeep?

PureKeep is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows: Version 10 and above
  • Mac: Version 10.12.0 and above