PureKeep Release Notes

Learn about the latest and greatest features of PureKeep or get a detailed overview of recent changes.

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at October 5th, 2023

Version 1.2.0

Updated: 18-January-2023

What's new:

  • New and improved login system, that enables seamless experience across all our apps and products using a single identity.
  • Have more control over your saved items through version history changes and the option to restore them.
  • Be more informed via email notifications about failed login attempts and successful logins from a new or untrusted device


  • Importing data from other sources and saving your first password is now easier than ever using new more prominent buttons
  • Keep sensitive data hidden on screen using Masked Fields.

Version 1.0 

Updated: 9-May-2022


Securing Your Personal Information:

  • Save your passwords, card information, passport details, photos, files, notes, etc as Vault Items and KEEP them secure.

Create Vaults:

  • Create Secure & Encrypted Folders called Vaults where you can add any private or sensitive information.

Organizations & Members:

  • Create organizations for sharing your passwords with your loved ones or set up new teams for securely sharing passwords.


  • Use the tag feature to tag your vaults to search for them whenever needed.

Template and Customization:

  • Save your information however you want, with customization you can add any personal data you want to keep private.

Password Generator:

  • We've introduced a password generator that creates strong, unique and hard to crack passwords for you.

Personalised Theme Selection:

  • Choose between dark and light themes as per your preference

Trusted Devices:

  • PureKeep protects your vault from unauthorised access. which means users can easily add and remove trusted devices.

Import Password:

  • There's no need to worry if you want to import your passwords from another password manager. PureKeep makes it easy for you to do that too, without compromising your security.