How to set up IKEv2 manually on macOS

Learn how to set up and configure PureVPN on your macOS using the IKEv2 protocol with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Secure your online activities and enjoy fast, reliable, and encrypted browsing on your macOS device.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at October 11th, 2023

Find your VPN credentials for manual configuration

To find your VPN credentials log into the PureVPN Member Area. Click 👉 here to visit Member Area.

  • Login to the Member Area using your PureVPN registered email address and password.

  • From manage account section, go to the Subscriptions tab.

  • On subscriptions tab scroll down to be able to view your VPN credentials.

  • You will be able to see and copy your VPN credentials.
  • Note down your PureVPN username and click on Eye icon to make your password visible and use it in the manual configuration


How to connect PureVPN manually on macOS

  • Click Apple icon and select System Preferences.

  • Click Network.

  • Click + icon to create a new service.

Insert the following info:
  • From Interface drop down menu select VPN
  • From VPN Type drop down menu select IKEv2
  • Insert desired Service Name as PureVPN IKEv2, PureVPN US IKEV2, PureVPN DE IKEV2 etc
  • Click Create.

Insert the following info:

  • Insert desired server address in Server Address box. Click 👉here to get the list of servers
  • Under Remote ID: Insert
  • Leave Local ID: Empty
  • Check Show VPN status on the Menu bar.
  • Click Authentication Settings.

  • From Authentication Settings keep Username selected from drop down menu.
  • Enter your PureVPN credentials. Here is how you can find👉 your VPN credentials.
  • Click OK.

  • Click Apply then click VPN Status Icon from menu bar.

  • Select Show Time Connected.

  • Click Connect and VPN connection will establish in few seconds.

  • VPN has been connected Successfully.


Note: If you see Status Connecting… and Connect button turn to Disconnect that means VPN has been connected. Due to a glitch Status doesn’t show connected. Simply click on your Lan / Wifi connection then click back on the IKEv2 VPN connection and the status will change.

  • There you go, your VPN should be connected successfully!