PureEncrypt FAQs

Have questions in mind about PureEncrypt? Well, we have added some of the commonly asked FAQs about PureEncrypt below 👇

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at August 15th, 2023

What is PureEncrypt?

PureEncrypt is an encryption solution that one can be used for cloud storage. With PureEncrypt you can secure your data quickly and easily and upload it to your cloud service or local storage.


How does PureEncrypt secure my files?

PureEncrypt uses AES-256  bit encryption to encrypt file names, headers and content on a virtual drive.


On how many devices can I use PureEncrypt?

You may proceed to install PureEncrypt on 10 devices simultaneously.


Can I encrypt files on my cloud drive with PureEncrypt

All you need to do is simply create a vault in the folder of your cloud storage on your device. Once done then the cloud storage will automatically upload and sync your encrypted files to the cloud.


What do the folders “d” and “m” mean? What is the .bkup file?

The folder d stands for “data”. This is where your encrypted files are stored.

The folder m stands for “metadata”. This is currently only used for name shortening.

The .bkup file is a backup of your masterkey file. It’s created after every successful unlock.

Everything is part of the vault and you shouldn’t rename/move/delete anything.


If I only have a PureVPN subscription can I still use this?

If you have a PureVPN account then you may get PureEncrypt as an addon.  Or you can get PureVPN pro plan. In Pro-plan you can get PureVPN subscription along with PureEncrypt and PureKeep.


Will my data automatically sync with the cloud?

Yes! simply create a secure Vault in the Drive of the Cloud Storage that you have installed on your device. All of your data will be synced with your cloud while remaining encrypted.


What happens to the original file?

Original file i.e. the non-encrypted version of the file never leaves your device! It is locally encrypted and only synced with your cloud storage in encrypted form then decrypted locally as well for you to access it.


Will anyone have access to my data?

No one other than you can access your data! With client side encryption only you have the necessary encryption keys that can encrypt & decrypt your data.


Which providers are supported and linked with how can we connect with this?

PureEncrypt is an agnostic encryption solution for your data on the cloud, meaning it does not matter what cloud storage you use, PureEncrypt simply encrypts the data and that is synced by your Cloud Storage. In other words, we support all of the Cloud Storage providers!


If I update or delete an encrypted file from my Vault, will it be deleted from the cloud as well?

Yes! All your updates to the files in the Vault are synced to your cloud.


Supported Platforms and Devices?

PureEncrypt is available on Windows and Mac devices. We are working on Android and iOS applications as well. They will be live soon.


Why do I see files with weird names on my cloud storage?

To provide complete security PureEncrypt not only encrypts the content of your file but it also encrypts the filename as well.


Can I access my encrypted files on all my devices

Yes! You can access your encrypted files/data on the PureEncrypt supported devices. (i-e Windows, Mac)


Can I use PureStorage for local storage only?

Yes! You can use local storage to create the vault.


Can anybody other than myself access my encryption keys?

No, The Cryptomator vault is protected with two 256 bit encryption keys which are generated when creating a new vault. So, no chance of anyone accessing your encryption keys.