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How to enable Internet Kill Switch (IKS) on PureVPN Mac app

Sep 10, 2018
Jul 27, 2022
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Protect your privacy and keep private data secure with a built-in PureVPN internet kill switch feature that protects your internet connection when a VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Keep your data and location safe while you’re online, even after a VPN connection has dropped unexpectedly.

Get an extra layer of privacy without compromising your security. Internet kill switch needs no configuration, works by itself. It turns off VPNs if they unexpectedly drop or disconnect unexpectedly, protecting your data and location from exposure until you’re reconnected.

How to turn this feature on? Follow the instructions below 👇

  • Click the ⚙️ preferences option at the left panel of the PureVPN app
  • From the general settings, go to the advanced settings tab by clicking it.

In the advanced settings tab, You will be able to see the internet kill switch option.

  • Mark check ☑️ internet kill switch (if it’s not checked by default)

That’s it! You are now even more protected 😉 Your internet will automatically get disconnected upon disconnection.

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