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How to Use Kodi Plugin on Raspberry PI & Linux

Oct 19, 2017
Jan 07, 2019
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Here’s how you can use PureVPN’s Kodi plugin on Raspberry PI and Linux in a matter of minutes.

Before we move forward to the actual steps, please note that the Kodi Plugin will only work on OpenElec-Raspberry PI & Linux.

Things to Consider:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • A working internet connection
  • A Raspberry PI or Linux-based device
  • A Premium PureVPN account (If you haven’t bought yet click here to buy)

Step 1: Download and Install PureVPN Kodi Add-on.

Follow the steps given below to install PureVPN Kodi Add-on on your device.

Open your browser and visit “https://s3.amazonaws.com/purevpn-dialer-assets/kodi/app/service.purevpn.monitor-1.8.0.zip”

Once downloaded, locate the installation file in its folder.

Step 2: Place the downloaded file in USB drive.

Place the downloaded file “service.purevpn.monitor-1.3.0.zip” in a USB drive and plug it on the OpenElec Kodi Box.

Step 3: Launch KODI and install PureVPN Addon for KODI.

Navigate to Home Page and click “Add-ons.”

Click on the “Files” icon.

Then click on “Install from zip file.”

Navigate to the USB device where you’ve placed the installation file.

Click once on “service.purevpn.monitor-1.3.0.zip” for the installation of add-on to begin.

Step 4: Setting up PureVPN on Kodi

Navigate to the Add-ons tab and Click PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN.

When you select “PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN, a new window will appear, click Add-on Settings.

Enter your PureVPN username and password.

Select the country or region from where you want to access the content of your choice. Click Display VPN Status to check you current IP and location.

Click Change or Disconnect VPN Connection to display the list of servers. Connect to the country of your choice.

Hooray! Now you can enjoy PureVPN add-on for Kodi.

Enjoy complete freedom to access your favorite content with PureVPN!


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Comments (2 )


  1. Rafael says:


    I’m trying to install the PureVPN plugin along with the Retropie 4.2 and Kodi.
    I was able to install the plugin, but it didn’t connect to the VPN. The log file is not clear what’s going on.

    Can you help me?