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L2TP Configuration guide for Android | PureVPN

Jul 08, 2014
Dec 06, 2021
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Starting June 15th, 2021, PureVPN will discontinue offering support for PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols on the majority of VPN locations.

However, at the popular request of our users, we will continue to support the following locations for users to connect using PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols:

Germany: de1.pointtoserver.com
Netherlands: nl1.pointtoserver.com
United Kingdom: ukl1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usil1.pointtoserver.com
United States: ustx1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usca1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usfl1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usny1.pointtoserver.com
United States: uswdc1.pointtoserver.com
Australia: au-sd1.pointtoserver.com

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol aka L2TP is a tunneling protocol that is widely used to support Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). When coupled with a VPN, L2TP strengthens your private network, making you invincible on the web. Follow this guide for L2TP configuration for Android.

Things to Consider:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • You have a working internet connection
  • An android device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.)
  • A Premium PureVPN account (if you haven’t bought yet click here to buy)

Please follow the step by step guide to setup PureVPN on your Android system manually. 

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Connection.

  • Tap More connection settings.
  • Tap VPN
  • Tap three vertical dots
  • Tap Add VPN profile.
  • Insert the following information:
    1. Insert Name: L2TP.
    2. Type: Select L2TP/IPSec PSK from drop down menu
    3. Insert your desired server address in Server Address. (Please refer to the server addresses shared in the note above).
    4. IPSec pre-shared key: 12345678
    5. Enter your PureVPN credentials. Here is how you can find your VPN credentials.
    6. Tap on Save.
  • Tap L2TP to connect then Tap Connect.
  • You are now connected

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Comments (13 )


  1. PureVPN Team says:


    We are sorry for the inconvenience. You are suggested to change server and then check..

    If problem persists then kindly join us on 24/7 live chat for further assistance!

  2. Karl Saxon says:


    I was able to install the PureVPN apps (Android) from Google store and to run it and to connect with my PC account.
    I’m able to choose one server and connect to it.
    But what after that?
    If I run Google Chrome and try “whatismyipaddress” this site shows me my Local IP and not the PureVPN IP.

    On my PC when I run PureVPN and connect to one of server, and I run Google Chrome and ask “whatismyipaddress” this site show me the PureVPN IP.

    So what the problem?
    Does PureVPN android apps is just FAKE?

  3. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for reaching out. We suggest you to follow this tutorial to get your IP address https://support.purevpn.com/how-to-get-server-ip-or-convert-hostdomain-name-to-ip-address

    Feel free to contact us if you face any issue!

    • Bob says:

      Ok thanks, so I got the IP address but I dont know what I am supposed to enter in the advanced options. Thanks for your time.

      • PureVPN Team says:

        Hi Bob,

        Thanks for reaching out. You are requested to enter IP address on “DNS search domains” field and enter “” in “DNS servers” field thats about it.

        Let us know if you have further questions!

  4. Bobby says:

    Hello, I just manually setup the VPN and it works fine, however when trying to use the “always-on VPN” option Android tells me that it requires an IP address for both server and DNS. What shoud i use to fill thoses fields ?
    Thank you

  5. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for using PureVPN. We do understand and our users requirements and we are already working on this feature and hopefully this will be added in our iOS app in upcoming release. For Android app we do not have any releasing date yet.

    Let us know if you have further questions, we will happy to assist you!

  6. Charlie Runnalls says:

    When is PurnVPN going to start supporting the android ‘Always On’ feature which automatically connects to a VPN when your phone connects to WiFi?

    Not having it is just making me want to go back PIA’s VPN service as they support it, even though I brought 2 years with PureVPN.

    For someone who wants to use androids built in VPN settings and connects to alot of public hotspots ITS NEEDED!

  7. PureVPN Team says:

    @Carlo Speed depends on various factors thats why we ask our users to try different protocols to get best speed, because you are not getting best speed on our app so we ask you to change protocol since our app supports only OpenVPN so in order to change protocols you need to try manual settings, if you are getting good speed on manual settings then it means that your ISP does not provide best speed on OpenVPN and you need to use other protocols manually.

    Hope this answers your query!

  8. Carlo says:

    So, the app is o longer useful, isn’t it?

    • PureVPN Team says:

      Hi Carlo,

      Thanks for reaching out. PureVPN Android app is working perfectly fine, above tutorial is for those users who prefer to use manual connection OR face any problem with our app. We would highly recommend you to use our app, it should work fine. You can download it from here https://billing.purevpn.com/get_started

      Feel free to contact us if you have further questions!

      • Carlo says:

        I’m sorry, but using your app is not advisa ke because the speed crashes! Let me know if and when you will manage to solve the problem, thank you.
        Carlo De Amicis

      • Carlo says:

        I’m sorry but using your app is not advisable because the speed crashes! So, let me know if and when you will manage to solve the problem, thank you.