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Browsers – The What and How of Different Browsers

Oct 28, 2015
May 21, 2020
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Web browser is a software application without which the process of browsing the web is not possible. Internet Explorer, which once used to be the most utilized and preferred browser is now obsolete and other browsers have taken its place. Below is the list of web browsers that are currently used all over the world:

List of Web Browsers

There are numerous web browsers but the following ones are worth mentioning:

Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Netscape Navigator, Opera, AOL Explorer, Seamonkey, Maxthon, Camino, Sputnik, Links and Galeaon.

Here are the browsers for iOS:

Web Browser Comparisons

The most recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox. This browser is open source, free, platform independent and easy to extend.

Grab the latest Firefox version from here:

Get security and privacy through various add-ons from:

If you are looking for detailed comparison, check out the following Wikipedia article

Browser Privacy

Google Chrome: It logs your online activities and sends to Google, which is a big minus.

IE: Since it’s from Microsoft, we cannot trust it. However, the browser doesn’t seem to spy on us like Chrome does.

Firefox: This is an open source, spy-free browser which can be easily trusted.


Chrome and IE are faster than Firefox as Firefox needs the most system resources.


Firefox has thousands of extensions and is very easy to extend while Chrome tries too hard at it. Chrome will probably never be able to do as good as Firefox when it comes to add-ons and extensions. IE offers no extensions apart from those useless spyware toolbars that don’t do anything.


To conclude, we will recommend Mozilla Firefox. To declare Firefox as the best browser here are our reasons:

  • It’s free
  • It’s open source
  • Can be extended
  • Doesn’t come from Google
  • Doesn’t belong to Microsoft

So, now you know which browser to go for when looking for best performance, privacy, security and usability. Start using Firefox now and never face the difficulties you face with other browsers.

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