How to disable IPv6 on Android?

Jul 16, 2015
Feb 18, 2021
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Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is designed to tackle the exhaustion issue that appeared in IPv4 and is currently the most recent version available. If you want to disable IPv6 on Android, follow the guide below:

1 Android device should be rooted and the boot-loader should be unlocked.

1 How To Disable IPV6 on Android

2 Install Terminal Emulator for android from below link:

2 How To Disable IPV6 Android


3 In Terminal app type SU SuperSU will ask to grant root access give access to the app.

3 Disable IPV6 on Android

4 Write this command in terminal after SU permission is granted command “echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/wlan0/disable_ipv6”

4 How To Disable IPV6 on Android

IPv6 is now disabled but every time Wi-Fi connects/disconnects or network changes, Step 4 will be required to be repeated.

How to alternatively disable IPv6 on your Android device using Mobile Data?

Note: The method below works only with your current Mobile Data and may vary with Android’s UI interface of your model.

1 Tap Settings

2 Tap Networks & Internet 

3 Tap Mobile network

4 Tap Advanced

5 Tap Access Point Names

6 Tap the Access Point Name you are using.

7 Tap APN Protocol

8 Tap IPv4

9 Tap “Save” to apply changes

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  1. Bob Marley says:

    Use Tasker to run the command every time you connect to WiFi.

  2. Yoosuf Eezaan says:

    I didnt do anything. But guess what?!?!? NO LAGS!

  3. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Linda,

    We wish we could help you in this but Unfortunately there is no other way to do this. Thanks for understanding.

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

  4. Linda Fontaine says:

    Can you maybe provide a batch or cronjob script that does these every without my help? I can’t do this every day. 😉

  5. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I am unable to understand your query, can you kindly elaborate, so I can assist you in better way.

  6. Phoenix Gravestone says:

    Ice bear says epic fail

  7. This method is ineffective since IPv6 is enabled after a network change. My method doesn’t have this problem nor drains battery:

  8. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Dr. Jones,

    I am sorry for the inconvenience. You are requested to confirm if you are connected via wifi connection or cellular network so that we can assist you accordingly.

    • Jeffrey Lavoie says:

      For anyone reading this months later….apparently, purevpn did not punctuate things properly. There should have been a period after SU. SuperSU was supposed to be the start of a new sentence. I was able to guess this from experience.

  9. Dr. Jonas Moses says:

    Fail… I downloaded the app onto my Android Samsung Galaxy tablet and opened the app. I get a command line/black screen. Per your instructions, I typed “SU SuperSU,” exactly as you instructed. I get an error message “$ SU/system/bin/sh: SU: not found” I have tried this at least a dozen times, each time with the same resultant error message. Ergo, there is no next screen, no way to disable anything. You may want to revisit your instructions, since something is plainly missing. You missed something, or something has changed about the app since you first wrote this, and it is no longer an accurate instruction set. Please, if at all possible, address this, asap? My team and I are seeking to test a new app we developed and are unable to do so because we developed for IPV4.

    Respectfully, Dr. M