Configure IKEv on Mac & Connect with Dedicated Servers

Jan 17, 2019
May 21, 2020
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Having problems with using L2TP on your Mac to connect with PureVPN’s dedicated servers? Fret not, here is an easy workaround to get you going.

Configure IKEv on Mac & Connect with Dedicated Servers

Even though PureVPN supports OpenVPN, IPSec and L2TP protocol on its Mac app, our dedicated servers cannot be connected with the IPsec and OpenVPN protocols, therefore, the only option is L2TP when it comes to connecting with dedicated servers on Mac.

Some users have reported connection issues and connection stability while using L2TP protocol on the latest versions of Mac. This problem can be easily solved by manually configuring IKEv to connect with our dedicated servers.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to configure IKEv on your Mac device.

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