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Learn About PureVPN’s Portforwarding Addon

May 04, 2021
Feb 22, 2023
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Port Forwarding is an application of NAT that redirects a communication request from one address and port number combination to another while traffic passthrough such as a router. PortForwarding gives you complete peace of mind. It prevents hackers, surveillance agencies, and malicious bots from reaching your computer and mobile devices.

It activates a strong, configurable firewall right on our server end to fight and kill your enemies giving you a virtual protection shield when connected with the VPN. Port Forwarding rules are also configurable from within your Member’s Area.

Common Use Cases of PortForwarding Addon

Port forwarding is a tool that can be used by a wide range of computer users, not just IT professionals and programmers. Some of the most common uses for port forwarding include:

  • Access Your Backup Securely:
    There are benefits to being able to access your backups from anywhere with an internet connection, whether they be files, servers, or hard drive clones. Port forwarding can make it so even some of your harder-to-reach backups can be accessed from anywhere by those with proper authentication.
  • Remote Desktop:
    Computer desktops can be stored off-site in cloud environments, which can be especially helpful for large-scale technical implementations like hospitals or universities. Port forwarding helps users access their own virtual desktops or VDI from any computer they need on-site, which is convenient when travelling or working from multiple locations.
  • Gaming Servers:
    Port forwarding can be used for more than just business applications – it can be fun, too! Just take a look at the auto-complete results for “port forwarding” in your favorite search engine. You’ll see that one of the most popular uses for port forwarding is in gaming. That’s because port forwarding can give you a big advantage when hosting private game servers. And it’s not just for big companies – individuals and small groups of friends can use port forwarding to create private games or maps. So next time you’re looking for a fun way to use port forwarding, remember that gaming is a great option!

Well the use of Portforwarding is not limited to the above use cases but there are many more other reasons that a Portforwarding can be used for.

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