Inviting team members to PureDome

Learn how to easily invite new team members to your account by following a few simple steps. Customize invitation emails and manage your team effortlessly.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at August 3rd, 2023

After signing up, the admin can invite team members to PureDome, assign them IPs, gateways, and manage their account access.

Invite team members

  • To add a team member, simply click the Team Members tab, click the Invite Team Members button and enter the user’s email address. You can also modify the email mode to make it more personal. 
  • When you're done, click the Invite Members button. You'll notice that the users you sent emails to are now visible in the members list and have a Pending status.
  • User will get an invitation notification on the provided email address. The user needs to activate the account and set up a password. After that, the user can download the app and start using it.
  • Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file listing up to 500 email addresses.

Delete team members

  • To delete a team member, simply click the Team Members tab, click the three-dot icon against the team member you wish to delete and click on Delete Member.
  • Team member has been successfully deleted.

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