What is Keychain?

A keychain is a little card that contains your Apple ID, password, and other security information. It's where you store your Apple ID, password, and all other things you use in OS X.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at May 28th, 2024

Keychain is the password management app for macOS. It stores your usernames and passwords so that you have fewer credentials to remember.

Upon accessing a website, network server, or email account, Keychain gives you the option to save or remember the password. If you select to save the password, you won't have to enter it every time because it will be stored in your Keychain.PureVPNs Mac app stores your account credentials in the Keychain for convenience and safety purposes.

When you connect, our app will fetch your password from the Keychain, and you might be asked to provide your Keychain password, which is usually your device password (unless you modify it).

If you don't want to get a prompt every time, simply type the password and click the Always Allow button.