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Setup PureVPN Mac Software

Feb 06, 2018
Aug 13, 2020
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Here’s everything you need to know about PureVPN’s Mac Software. You can follow this page to learn everything about our features, functions and how to use them with ease.

Things to consider:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • You have a working internet connection.
  • A Mac laptop/PC.
  • Own a premium PureVPN account (If you do not already own one, you can buy a subscription from here.
How to download & install PureVPN Mac App
1 Let’s start with downloading our PureVPN Mac Software from our website.

2 Now, open the downloaded file and it will start installing PureVPN app on your system.

3 Launch the installer and click “Continue”.

4 You can install PureVPN for all users on your Mac.

5 Place a check mark on our browser extensions if you wish to install it along with the PureVPN App.

6 If you wish to change the installed file location, then you may select “Change install location”. Otherwise, click “Install”

7 You’ll be prompted to enter your Mac’s user login details to continue.

8 Wait till the app gets successfully installed.

9 To further check if the installation is successful, you can open the app directly from your Home Screen or Launchpad.

How to Login and Connect
1 First things first, open PureVPN app and click Login to proceed.

2 Enter your VPN credentials. (Your registered email address or VPN username) and click Login again.

3 Now, select your desired mode.

4 Scroll to find your desired location and double-click to Connect.

5 Congratulations. You have successfully logged in and connected to PureVPN servers.

How to fetch VPN IP
1 Once you have been connected to the VPN or a server location, click Fetch my VPN IP.

2 The app will immediately show your VPN IP at the bottom left corner of the app screen.

How to change mode
1 Click on “Change mode”.

2 Select desired mode.

3 Click “Back” and you can proceed to connect with your desired mode.

How to change protocol
1 Click Settings icon from top right corner of PureVPN app.

2 Select “App settings” from settings menu.

3 Click on “Selected Protocol” and select your desired protocol.

How to select location
1 Click on “Location” and then click “Search for location” Bar and choose your desired country.

2 Select any “country” from drop menu.

3 Once you have selected your desired location, click on “Connect” and you will be connected to your desired location.

How to mark your favorite locations
1 Click on “Location” and then click on “Search for location” Bar and choose your desired country.

2 Select any “country” from drop menu, you may also filter your location search from “cities”.

Note: Clicking on “Star icon” will mark the location as your favorite for future use.

3 You can select Favorites tab to view your favorite marked locations.

How to use Dedicated IP mode
1 Select Change mode from Modes on the left side.

2 Select Dedicated IP mode from the list.

3 You can skip the purchase option and then proceed.

4 Type hostname in dedicated IP field and then click on Connect.

5 You are now connected to Dedicated IP mode.

How to access Popular websites
1 Click change mode.

2 Select Stream.

3 Click Popular Websites.

4 Select desired popular website.

5 You are now connected.

How to run Ping test
1 Select option “Run Ping Test” from Dashboard.

2 Select Option “Execute” to perform the test.

How to change Network Type
1 Go to Settings.

2 Select Network Type.

3 Select desired option.

How to Enable Internet Kill Switch
1 Select settings icon from top right corner.

2 Select Advanced Options from settings.

3 Select “Internet Kill Switch”.

4 Place a check on “Activate Internet Kill Switch” and whenever your internet connection is dropped. It will kill all internet activity.

How to configure Port Forwarding Add-On
1 Go to App Settings.

2 Select Port Forwarding.

3 Click “Configure”.

4 Pick any of the desired option from the settings.


In order to have a better understanding of all options. You can refer to its details below:

Open All Ports: When this option is selected under settings. It allows all ports to be opened and you can transfer any data to any desired port.

Block All Ports: When this option is selected under settings. It allows all ports to be blocked and doesn’t allow any internet traffic to be passed from the VPN connection.

Block all but enable specific: When this option is selected under settings. It allows ports to be blocked but making a few exceptions in which you can allow a specific port or multiple ports to be opened as per desire.

5 Click apply settings.

How to launch PureVPN on system Start Up
1 Select settings icon from top right.

2 Select App settings from settings menu.

3 Place a check on “Launch on System Start up”.

How to change language
1 Select settings icon from top right.

2 Click “Select  Language”.

3 Choose your desired language from the list of options.

How to disconnect
1 Click Disconnect.

2 You are successfully disconnected.

How to logout
1 Select settings icon from top right.

2 Click on logout.

3 Click “Yes” to confirm logout.

How to update PureVPN App
1  Select PureVPN settings.

2 Click “Check for update” from side menu.

3 Click “check for updates” to keep PureVPN Mac App updated.

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