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Learn About PureVPN’s Secure Wifi Feature

May 03, 2021
Mar 01, 2022
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The WiFi protocol is the most sought-after entry-point that cybercriminals use to infiltrate to get access to your online communications, activities, and data. If your WiFi password is easy to guess, it’s also easier for them to get in. Most startlingly, hackers manage to do this without putting a single step inside your home. Weak WiFi protocols and authentication methods (as well as an easy-to-guess password) will likely make it very easy for any threat actor to get into your entire home network without them being physically there. A secure Wi-Fi connection works by encrypting your internet activities with AES 256-bit encryption. PureVPN currently offers Secure Wifi on its Android phone application click on this link to see how to enable the PureVPN Secure WiFi feature.

Looking for a detailed guide about Secure WiFi? Here is the link to know more about PureVPN’s Secure WiFi feature.

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