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Learn About PureVPN’s DDOS Protection Addon

May 04, 2021
Jul 28, 2022
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An attempted malicious attack to mess up the normal traffic of a server or network is called Disrupted Denial of Service (DDOS). To protect users from DDOS attacks PureVPN offers DDOS protection addon. DDOS protection addon possesses all the features of dedicated IP addon, it has DDOS protection as an addition which makes it different from the dedicated IP addon.

DDoS Protection Features:

• Gbps Limit of attack- Unlimited
• Number of attacks per month- Unlimited
• Duration of attacks-Unlimited
• Type of DDoS Attacks- All
• Network Strength- 3Tbps+
• Tilera & Arbor- Yes
• Mitigation Points- Unlimited
• Activation Method- Automatic detection & activation

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