How to Setup PureVPN Kodi Add-On on Linux Mint

Jun 04, 2020
Feb 02, 2021
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This guide will walk you through the setup of PureVPN Kodi-Addon on Linux Mint. We have used a device running on Mint 19.3 to demonstrate the steps.

1 Open your web browser and click here to download the installation File for PureVPN Kodi Add-on.

A download pop up will appear. Check on “Save File” and click “OK” to download the installation file.

2 Go to the Downloads folder and copy the add-on zip file and paste it in the root>etc folder, (note that you will require root privileges to edit/paste files in this folder).

3 Install OpenVPN, Kodi and other dependencies (Ignore if already Installed)

Open the Terminal and type these commands one by one:
sudo apt-get install openvpn (to install openvpn)
sudo apt-get install kodi (to install kodi)
sudo kodi (to launch kodi)

4 Once Kodi is launched, Select the ‘Add-ons’ option.

5 Select the ‘Files’ option and then select “Install from zip file”.

6 Navigate to etc folder where the zip file “” is installed. Click on the downloaded file and install the add-on.

7 Navigate back to “Add-ons” tab open the newly installed ‘PureVPN’ add-on.

8 Open the add-on and select the “Add-on Settings” in it. Select the “VPN Configuration” tab and enter your PureVPN username, PureVPN password, and sudo password in there. Click “OK”

9 Now click “Connect to Country” option.

10 Select your desired location from the list of available. Click on desired location and wait for the connection to establish.

11 You are connected to VPN now…

12 Click on the “Disconnect” option to terminate/close VPN connection.

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