How to Clear Browser Cache?

Oct 29, 2014
Aug 17, 2020
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Here are the tutorials for clearing browser cache:

Firefox 3.5 or later

  1. Go to Tools menu, select Clear Recent History
  2. Choose time range of cache you like to clear
  3. Click on Details and ensure Cache has a check next to it
  4. Click on Clear Now
  5. Exit the menu and restart the browser.

Firefox 3.0
Go to Tools>Options>Privacy>Settings. Ensure Cache is checked on the things you like to clear.

Google Chrome

  1. In the browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. At the top of the “Clear browsing data” window, click Advanced
  3. Select the following:
    • Browsing history
    • Download history
    • Cookies and other site data
    • Cached images and files
  4. From the “Time range” drop-down menu, you can choose the period of time for which you want to clear cached information. To clear your entire cache, select All time.
  5. Click “Clear Data”
  6. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu
  2. Go to General tab>Browsing history and select Delete
  3. This will bring up Delete Browsing History menu. Go to Temporary Internet Files and click Delete files
  4. Choose ‘Yes when’ prompted
  5. Click ‘Close’ then click ‘OK’

IE 8

  1. Go>Tools>Safety and click Delete Browsing History
  2. Check Temporary Internet files and History
  3. Click Delete to complete the process

IE 9

  1. Click the gear at the top right in your browser to bring up the Tools menu
  2. Choose Safety and Delete Browsing History
  3. Choose Temporary Internet Files. Also, uncheck all the other boxes, particularly Preserve Favorites website data. This will also delete objects from websites in your Favorites folder, which is essential to completely clear your cache
  4. Clear the cache by deleting temporary files. Click the Delete button near the bottom of the window to perform this action.
  5. Your computer will work for a moment, and then the process will be complete

Safari 5.1 for Windows

  1. Go to Safari Menu and choose Reset Safari
  2. Go to the Menu, choose items you wish to reset, click Reset and restart the browser

Safari 4.x for Windows
Launch Safari 4.x, go to Edit menu, choose Empty Cache and click Empty.


  1. Access Safari menu and choose Empty Cache
  2. Click Empty when asked


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap Clear Cookies and Data

Tap Clear

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