How to Switch Protocol - PureVPN Linux GUI App

The VPN protocol type you choose can have an impact on the performance and stability of your connection. It is important to select the appropriate protocol when connecting to a VPN server. In this guide, you can find instructions on how to switch protocols in the PureVPN Linux application. This will allow you to customize and optimize your VPN connection according to your specific needs.

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at September 8th, 2023

Protocol Guide:

  • UDP: 

UDP is mainly used for streaming and downloading. It provides a fast VPN connection with medium encryption.

  • TCP:

TCP is more reliable, but also a little slower, and is usually used for web browsing. 

  • Click the Preferences ⚙ from the left panel of the PureVPN app.

  • In the preferences tab, you will be able to see the default VPN protocol.
  • Click the Default protocol and choose your desired protocol from the drop-down list.

  • After making your desired protocol selection, the protocol will be successfully changed in the PureVPN Linux application. Once you have made the change, you can go back to the locations tab and connect to your desired location.

  • Once you have successfully established a connection, you will be able to view the selected protocol in the connection details.