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Setup PureVPN with OpenVPN on VU+ Enigma 2

Apr 13, 2020
Dec 05, 2022
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Enigma2 is a software application that is used with Linux-based Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). This software is what allows users to receive television signals or to use Internet Protocol television. Enigma2 is the second generation of Enigma software.

Follow this guide and configure PureVPN OpenVPN protocol easily:

  • Download PureVPN Config Files for OpenVPN TCP and UDP from here.
  • Open your desired config file with Notepad, for example Austria-TCP. Then find the line auth-user-pass and change it to auth-user-pass password.conf
  • Save this file as client.conf
  • Now, create a new text file and name it as password.conf
  • In password.conf file, write your PureVPN credentials. Here is how you can find your VPN credentials.
Do make sure to write the username and password in the file as mentioned below.
Username: purevpn0s123456
Password: xxxxxxxx
  • Connect to your VU+ with telnet then enter the following command.

opkg install openvpn

  • Once the installation is complete, restart your device.
  • Connect to your VU+ with FTP go to /etc right click and then choose create new folder.

Name the new folder openvpn. Upload the two files which you created above (client.conf and password.conf) inside this newly created folder

  • Now, start openvpn via Menu -> Setup -> System -> Network -> OpenVPN Setup. Press the Green button To Start OpenVPN
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