Is it safe to use P2P/file sharing with a PureVPN?

Want to know which servers are allowed for P2P file sharing? Click this link to learn more.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at September 8th, 2023

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing is used most commonly for anonymous routing of the internet traffic and distributed storage, offering users complete control of different operational parameters. P2P/ File sharing is allowed with our service, but on the below mentioned shared servers/countries

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, The Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.


Note: To use the service, it is not necessary to be physically present at the above-mentioned locations. You just need to connect to these servers

Furthermore, we have blocked P2P on some of our servers as per changing Global Web Policy. We don’t allow p2p/filesharing where it’s illegal by law named United Kingdom (UK) , United States (US), Canada, Australia etc.