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How to Use P2P File Sharing Mode? (Windows/Mac)

Sep 03, 2015
Sep 23, 2021
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If you are a P2P file sharing fan then it’s a must for you to know how to use P2P clients on a VPN connection. Learn how to use P2P mode on PureVPN to start uploading and downloading the desired content.

Things you Need:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  1. You have a working internet connection
  2. Premium PureVPN subscription. If you haven’t bought yet Click Here to Buy PureVPN.
How to use File-Sharing mode in PureVPN Windows App

1 Click change mode.

2 Select “File Sharing” mode

3 Click “Back”

4 Select desired country and click “Connect”

5 You are now connected with File Sharing mode

How to use File-Sharing mode in PureVPN Mac App
1 Click “Change Mode”.

2 Select File-Sharing mode.

3 Click “Back”

4 Select desired location and click “Connect”

5 You are now connected with File-Sharing  mode.

Please use the comment box for your suggestions & feedback. For additional help, please submit support ticket with errors and screen shots (if possible) OR contact our 24/7 live chat.

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Comments (26 )


  1. Iva Haddit says:

    with old windows file sharing I could choose ‘find the fastest server in the world’. Now I cannot do that, can I? I just have to choose a server randomly???

    • PureVPN Team says:

      Thanks for reaching out. We have recently implemented ‘Ping Checking’ feature on backend, you just select any server and you will be connected to the fastest available server automatically.

  2. Lauren B says:

    I use the old version because I can select the specific US server I want to use easily. At time one will lose connection or speed so I connect to a specific other. Am I correct that I cannot be that specific in the new version? Example.. I want to connect to Texas or Florida or Miami, and not just some “U.S.” server the program chooses.

  3. blw78 says:

    If I live in Australia and want to download a torrent, what is the best location to connect to for fastest download speed? All of a sudden my downloading has practically stopped and I don’t know why…

    • PureVPN Team says:

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. You are suggested to connect with “Papua New Guinea” server.

      If problem persists then feel free to join us on 24/7 live chat so we may assist you in better way.

  4. PureVPN Team says:


    I would suggest you to try connect with different countries servers where P2P is allowed, P2P allowed countries listed here https://support.purevpn.com/p2p-file-sharing you can also try to use other Torrent clients, if these things does not work then you can disable IPv6

    You can also join us anytime on live chat for any question, we are always available here to assist you!

  5. PureVPN Team says:


    I am sorry for the inconvenience. I would suggest you to disable IPv6 and then connect VPN with Germany, Brunei or Netherlands server for testing purpose and then check.

    Let me know it works out!

  6. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi tisote,

    Thanks a lot for notifying us, I really appreciate it. I have personally forwarded this issue to our App developers and as soon as they come to conclusion, I will get back to you.

    Keep sharing your feedback, it means a lot to us!

    • lolo95 says:

      i have the same problem and my version is 5.14.1

      • ISaidHey says:

        @disqus_xXgb5Ga3mW:disqus @tisote:disqus I had a similar experience just now but when I closed then reran PureVPN as an administrator, it immediately told me there was an update available.

  7. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks a lot for sharing the screenshot, I have discussed this with concerned department and they have told me that this has been fixed in our new update so, I would request you to update PureVPN software. You can easily do it by selecting “check for updates” from our software drop down menu (see screenshot), it will give you option to install new updates. Kindly update and let me know if issues is resolved or not.

    I will be waiting for your precious response.

    • tisote says:

      Hi ! I proceed to update menu but it said that software was up to date : current version 5.14.0. Wrong IP is always shown…

  8. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly do tell me on which PureVPN software you noticed this Windows or Mac? and I would also request you to share screenshot with us, so we can further investigate it.

    Looking forward to your precious response!

  9. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly exit PureVPN app from system tray, then connect again. Try this and let know if your issue is resolved or not.

    • tisote says:

      hello, I confirm this behaviour / issue : when a server in the same country is selected, then the original IP and location is shown, even if the real IP and location is PureVPN one…(confirm by a whatsmyIP test). Not really important because the original IP is really hidden, but could provoque confusion due to the display… Thanks for your APP !

  10. Dyaz says:

    Hi, I have a problem when I use the file sharing mode. I chose a purpose (Angola for example), but when I’m connected, the last screen displays my usual IP adress and location : Paris France (I live in Paris). How come ?

    When I check mu current IP adress on a website, I see that I have a different one than the one displayed on PureVPN app. Does it mean that it’s just a display issue and that my IP has really changed ?

  11. PureVPN Team says:


    Thanks for your query, we are working on it and soon you will be able to use File Sharing mode on Android. If you have any other question or suggestion, do write to us.
    Have a great day 🙂

  12. hawkeye27 says:

    When will PTP/File Sharing mode be available on Android?

  13. PureVPN Team says:

    Hi Johnny,

    I am Glad that your experience with PureVPN has been good and i am confident that you will always be happy with our services. In case, if you ever face any problem, let me know, i will solve it on priority basis. As far as your question is concerned, we have created different modes to further simplify the VPN process for our users. For instance, you want to use VPN for file sharing, so just select P2P file sharing mode and PureVPN will give you best experience for P2P file sharing, to get more info on modes, i would suggest you to have a look on this article https://support.purevpn.com/why-we-have-created-modes-find-out-now-new-windows-software-beta.
    Let me know if you still have any question or confusion. Have a great day!

  14. Jordan says:

    Just got the premium version, so far so good. However, I am not sure I understand the differences between some of the selections. What is the real different is I choose the P2P file sharing setting versus privacy and security. I know that privacy and security is giving me a different IP in a different county, but what does the P2P setting actually do? That is what I would add to these help pages is explain exactly what is happening.