Activate Split Tunneling - PureVPN Windows App

Learn how to enable split tunneling on the PureVPN Windows app and customize your internet traffic routing, allowing you to access specific websites or services through the VPN while bypassing it for others. Enjoy greater control over your online privacy and optimize your browsing experience.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at October 30th, 2023

Here is the step-by-step guide on activating split tunneling with the PureVPN Windows app.

  • Click the Settings icon ⚙️ from the left panel of the PureVPN app.

  • Click Split Tunneling tab.

  • Toggle Split Tunneling to turn it on.

  • Split tunneling is turned On now. Upon clicking the + icon, the list of default applications will appear.

  • You need to mark the application on Add/remove application to add in the list of split-tunneling. Alternatively, you can use the browse option to select any installed application of your choice.

  • Click browse and add your desired program to enable it with split tunnelling. An application might have multiple processes running. To make sure all the data from that application is routed via VPN, please make sure to add all the processes in split tunneling.

  • Connect to the PureVPN app. Once connected, Open your internet browser (Ex: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). The selected browser will run under the VPN.