How to Setup PureVPN PPTP on D-Link DIR-806

Feb 25, 2020
Jan 15, 2021
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D-Link’s 800 series can now be configured with PureVPN with just a few simple steps. Just follow the instructions below:

1 Access your router’s control panel by typing in your browser’s address bar. Log in with your router’s administrator username/password.

2 Once you have logged in, click ‘Connections Setup’ from the left side of the screen and select the WAN option.

3 Now click on the “Edit” option.

4 Now select “PPTP” from the ‘Connection Type’ drop-down menu and then enter the details as follows:

  • Without authorization: Unchecked
  • Insert Username provided by PureVPN
  • Insert Password provided by PureVPN
  • Insert Gateway: (you can use your desired server address here,  in order to see the complete list click here)
  • Click Apply

5 You will get a pop-up box to allow the VPN connection to connect to the Internet, click ‘OK’ to allow it.

You are now connected to PureVPN.

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