How to Setup PureVPN PPTP on D-Link DIR-600M

Feb 10, 2020
Jan 15, 2021
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D-Link’s 600 series can now be configured with PureVPN with just a few simple steps. Just follow the instructions below:

1 Access your router’s control panel by typing in your browser’s address bar. Log in with your router’s administrator username/password.

2 Click Setup at the top of the screen.

3 Select PPTP from the left pane.

4 Fill in the following information:

Enabled: Checked

Server: Enter your desired server’s IP address. For further information click here on how to fetch Server IPs.

Auth: Auto

Username: Enter the PureVPN username.

Password: Enter the PureVPN password.

Default GW: Checked

5 Click Apply. You may have to wait while the settings are adjusted and the VPN connects.

6 Viola! You’ve successfully connected to PureVPN now on your router.

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