How to Setup PureVPN L2TP on Kubuntu

Dec 26, 2019
May 06, 2021
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If you want to set up PureVPN on Kubuntu using the L2TP protocol, you can do so in a few steps by checking out the following guide:

1 Open the Konsole from the taskbar.

2 Now to install L2TP dependencies, type the following commands one by one:

sudo bash

apt update

apt install network-manager-l2tp

3 Click the Networks icon and select the Configure Network option.

4 Click the + icon to add a VPN connection.

5 Select Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) as your connection type.

6 When a new window appears, complete the fields as below:

  • Connection Name: Enter a name for the connection you are adding such as PureVPN, for example.
  • Gateway: Enter the PPTP or L2TP server address of the location/server that you wish to connect with, for example:
  • Please click here for further server addresses.
  • User name: Enter your PureVPN user name
  • Password: Enter your PureVPN password

Click the IPSec Settings button, and use the following settings:

  • Check the Enable IPSec tunnel to L2TP
  • Pre-shared key: 12345678

In the Advanced section, specific the connection algorithms:

  • Phase 1 algorithms: 3des-sha1-modp1024
  • Phase 2 algorithms: 3des-sha1

Once done, click OK.

Now, click the PPP Settings button and use the following settings:

  • Check the Use Point to Point Encryption (MPPE) box
  • Check the MSCHAP box
  • Check the MSCHAPv2 box
  • Check the Allow BSD data compression box
  • Check the Allow Deflate data compression box
  • Check the Use TCP header compression box

Click OK and then Save.

7 Now, click the Networks icon and select the newly created VPN connection. Hit the Connect button next to PureVPN.

8 Voila! You are now connected.

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