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How to activate Split Tunneling in the PureVPN app

Aug 04, 2021
Dec 07, 2021
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With PureVPN’s split tunneling feature, users can choose which traffic to send via the VPN tunnel and which traffic to send via their ISP. Follow these simple steps to activate split tunneling on the PureVPN App.

When your VPN is connected, all your DNS queries, even from applications which are marked to not use VPN, will always be routed via VPN network to prevent any DNS leaks. Here’s how you can proceed to activate it.

  • Launch PureVPN App.
  • Click Settings icon.
  • Click Split Tunneling tab.
  • Toggle Split Tunneling to enable it.
  • Upon clicking the + icon, the list of default applications will appear. Alternatively, you can use the Browse option to select any installed application of your choice.
  • Click Browse and add your desired program to enable it with Split Tunneling. An application might have multiple processes running. To make sure all the data from that application is routed via VPN, please make sure to add all the processes in Split Tunneling.
  • Connect PureVPN app.
  • Open your internet browser (Ex: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). The selected browser will run under VPN.

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