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How to Activate Port Forwarding on Windows

Sep 06, 2018
Mar 02, 2022
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With PureVPN’s Port Forwarding add-on, you can open or forward ports in a hassle-free manner. Just follow these simple to get started!

  • Login to the PureVPN Member Area

  • Please click Port Forwarding tab

  • Select your desired option and click Apply settings.

In order to have a better understanding of all options. You can refer to its details below:

Open All Ports: When this option is selected under settings. It allows all ports to be opened and you can transfer any data to any desired port.

Block All Ports: When this option is selected under settings. It allows all ports to be blocked and doesn’t allow any internet traffic to be passed from the VPN connection.

Block all but enable specific: When this option is selected under settings. It allows ports to be blocked but making a few exceptions in which you can allow a specific port or multiple ports to be opened as per desire.

So, protect your system from unauthorized access through PureVPN’s Port Forwarding/NAT Firewall Add-on and stay secure all the time!

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Comments (13 )


  1. Jack Li says:

    Hi , Please solve the problem. The application works fine in Singapore, but when I come to China. It doesn’t work. Both PC mode and Andriod version doesn’t work.
    Please assist, if not refund me.
    Thank you

  2. Jamar says:

    I need to know my login ID and Password.

  3. Robert H Olander says:

    “Incorrect login” I’ve reset password several times – still can’t sign in


    thanks, Bob Olander

  4. Wendy says:

    Unable to connect to China for quite a long time.

  5. yip says:


  6. Shreeyankar says:

    Internet bandwidth is very slow. Please help to boost.

  7. CHARLES says:

    hello i want to log out device using this vpn i changed my password but it didnt logout device using this vpn

  8. Ellis Lugtu says:

    Hi, I just recently purchase a 1 month subscription. My account doesn’t have the change of location

  9. pauline says:

    I can not connect to China from Taiwan.

  10. Wade says:

    I am trying to figure out why my speed drops from 120mbps to 20 mbps when I use PureVPN

  11. donjiaqi says:

    cant set up app in windows!

  12. Steven says:

    Unable to connect to remote server

  13. LIN ZHENGYU says:

    I would like to get my refund because there is no longer a server in china mainland