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Error Code: 766 A Certificate Could Not be Found

Feb 13, 2015
Jun 25, 2019
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Error 766 is caused when a machine certificate cannot be found or error 766 is caused when L2TP connections over IPSec, a machine certificate (also known as a computer certificate) is required to authenticate a remote computer.

The error is generated on a remote access server that has active L2TP ports configured, but when the remote access service is executed there is no certificate present in the computer certificate store. This generates an event log message that informs the administrator that L2TP ports will not be able to accept calls until a certificate is acquired and RRAS is restarted.

Solutions: Error 766 can be resolved by:

  1. For PPTP VPN, select Automatic in Type of VPN.
  2. For L2TP, check the remote access server and make sure there is certificate in the computer certificate store.

If you are facing another error entirely, you can view the complete error list here.

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