How to Reclaim your data via PureVPN

Learn how to protect your data and gain back control of your online browsing with PureVPN.

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at November 13th, 2023

PureVPN is here to help you reclaim control of your digital life. Our 'Remove my data' feature makes it easy to remove your personal information from data brokers with automated requests, ensuring your personal information stays secure and out of the wrong hands.

Note: Users on the Standard plan need to upgrade their account on PureMax to access the RMD feature.

  • Click RMD icon at the left panel of the PureVPN app.

  • Click Reclaim your data.
  • Fill out the form fields, then click Accept & Initiate Requests.  
  • Your request has been completed successfully.


Note: The PureVPN app will send a removal request to the broker on your behalf. You can track the progress of removal data on the PureVPN application's dashboard.