How to change your SMTP settings in Thunderbird

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at October 3rd, 2023

Here is how to change your SMTP settings for Thunderbird:

Go to the menu, click tools and then account settings.

Now click outgoing server (SMTP)

Choose the outgoing server from the list you need to modify and then click edit.

Now a window will appear where you can modify Server name, Port and Connection Security. Both the settings must be changed depending on what your e-mail service supports. You can try different combinations.


Mail Server settings for Mac 

You need to refer to your e-mail app’s documentation for info on how to use these settings.

  • Choose Preferences…from the menu.
  • Choose Accounts in the toolbar.
  • Click account you wish to verify.
  • Verify the account as well as the incoming Mail Server settings on the right.

  • Select Edit Server List from the Outgoing Mail Server pop-up menu.

  • Verify the Server Name setting on the right. If the Server Name is not correct, click Server Name box under Account Information and enter the correct server name.
  • Go to the Advanced option and then, verify the Advanced settings on the right.
  • Click OK.