How to Setup PureVPN on Asus Router

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Having a hard time setting up an Asus VPN? Here is a quick way for you to manually setup PureVPN on Asus routers within a matter of minutes.

Things to Consider:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • You have a working internet connection
  • VPN Supported Router.
  • Own a premium PureVPN account (If you do not already own one, you can buy a subscription from here)
How to setup PPTP on Asus Router

1 This image shows that how your VPN setup will look like.

2 Access your router control panel and click on ‘WAN’ under ‘Advance settings’.

3Under ‘Internet Connection’ tab change ‘WAN Connection Type’ to ‘PPTP’ from the drop down menu.

4 Apply the following settings:

a. WAN: Yes
b. NAT:  Yes
c. UPNP: Yes
d. Get the WAN IP automatically: Yes

5 Under ‘WAN DNS’ Settings, set ‘Connect to DNS server automatically’ to ‘No’ and insert following DNS,

6 Under ‘Account Settings’

  • Enter your username and Password provided by PureVPN.

( Important Note: Your email address is not your VPN login username. )

7 Set the ‘PPTP Option’ encryption as per your choice from the drop down menu.

8 Insert your desired server address in ‘VPN Server’. Click here to get the server list.

9 Click ‘Apply’.

How to setup OpenVPN on Asus Router
1 Download required OpenVPN files from here
Access your Router Panel and Click on VPN from Left menu.

2 From VPN Section, Click on VPN Client then click on “Add profile”

3From new windows, click on OpenVPN and insert the following info:

  • Description: PureVPN, PureVPN US, PureVPN UK etc (Anything you like)
  • Username: Insert Username provided by PureVPN
  • Password: Insert Password provided by PureVPN

Now Click on Choose file.

4 Navigate to downloaded OpenVPN files and select desired Country.

5 Click Upload.

6 Once upload completes. Select “Import the CA file or edit the .ovpn file manually and click on “Edit”

7 Now go back to downloaded OpenVPN files.

  • Open CA.crt in Notepad, copy all content, and past it under Certificate Authority.
  • Open WDC.key in Notepad, copy all content and past it under Static Key (Optional) box and click on Save

8 Click OK.

9 Click “Activate” to connect OpenVPN.

OpenVPN Connection will establish in a few seconds. Sometimes Asus shows (X) on connect status. Ignore it and go to the System log to verify the connection status.

If you see “Initialization Sequence Completed” at the end that means OpenVPN is successfully connected.

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  1. David J Bard says:

    I am trying to set the VPN up on the Asus Router RT-AC88U. When I go to VPN Client put PureVPN in the description, my username and password and click “Choose File”, it does not populate countries, instead it goes to My Documents. How do I get the right Files of countries to populate?