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PureVPN for Businesses

Aug 03, 2017
May 15, 2023
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PureDome provides advanced security solutions to protect critical assets using whitelisted IPs. It enables businesses to onboard remote workers with unique whitelisted dedicated IPs for individuals or teams without compromising security and limits access to key resources to relevant team members..

Businesses can ensure client security by using separate unique dedicated IPs for each client. Additionally, PureDome’s dedicated gateway allows businesses to monitor and manage network traffic more effectively, analyze traffic patterns, identify potential issues, and prevent network downtime or security breaches.

Why should every Business Professional use a VPN?

As cybersecurity threats continue to pose bigger and bigger risks, it has become imperative for business professionals, employees, and freelancers to practise safe internet surfing strategies.

Remote & hybrid working trends are growing rapidly, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that really pushed it into the mainstream. Businesses realised that they could save on overhead costs, increase productivity by giving employees more flexible work hours, and collaborate with individuals and businesses from anywhere in the world.

Business owners are now in the search for plug and play solutions that offer updated solutions based on industry standards, and are easy to implement, while giving flexibility to the workforce. This shift has allowed many businesses to reach their true potential.

Network Security Designed With Your Business In Mind

  • Data Access Control

PureDome enables data access control and helps companies divide assets into several organised sets. This ensures that only authorised users can access said company assets. Moreover, the best VPN for freelancers also protects information and ensures that data are encrypted for secure transmission.

  • Secure Remote Access VPN

Safeguard your private network’s security by limiting access to designated employees. With the implementation of a secure remote access VPN, employees across the globe will securely connect to your network without any risk of loss or theft of valuable data and even unauthorised access.

  • Dedicated and Team IP

PureDome’s dedicated and team IP allows businesses to have complete control over their networks by limiting access to specific IP addresses to prevent unauthorised access, which could result in data theft, ransomware, and malware.

  • Efficient Member Management & Centralized Billing

The PureDome platform offers an efficient solution for managing team members, consolidating billing, and overseeing team IPs and servers. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses with diverse departments or teams, as it provides enhanced control and visibility.

Learn How PureDome’s VPN Can Help Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Our demo helps you learn how our platform enables you to protect staging servers, company databases, and cloud environments.

Click here to book a demo with us and learn how PureDome business VPN can secure your corporate network and help your business scale.

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