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Version 2.5.0

LinuxDate: 27-March-2023


  • We’re pleased to announce the release of some important updates and fixes to enhance your VPN experience.
  • Now you can quickly and easily renew your subscription within the app itself, without any hassle.
  • You can now also purchase add-ons within the app and enjoy the enhanced experience.
  • Making connections with your dedicated IP is now simpler, as you can connect with it through the system tray.
  • Moreover, you can also use your dedicated IP to connect with auto-connect after launch.


  • Our team has also made some bug fixes to ensure that we immediately reconnect you to the VPN in case the connection drops, making sure that you stay connected to the VPN at all times.
  • We have also enhanced connectivity with the WireGuard protocol to help you get a stable, fast, and uninterrupted VPN connection.

Version 2.4.1

LinuxDate: 16-February-2023


  • You can now purchase the Dedicated IP add-on from the location screen of our app, incase you want to remotely access your devices, host servers or make secure online transactions from anywhere.


  • Our team has worked on reducing the size of the app, so now it won’t take as much of your storage space as before.
  • We have also made some minor bug fixes in the app.

Version 2.4.0

LinuxDate: 23-January-2023


  • We have been working hard to improve and add exciting features to our Linux GUI app to provide you with the most efficient and enjoyable experience. Here’s what we have added.
  • Our Linux GUI app is now supported on Ubuntu 22.10.
  • For our users’ convenience we have now added the WireGuard to default protocol that is optimized to provide you with the fastest speed and the highest level of security.
  • We have also added an option to connect or disconnect PureVPN through the system tray, providing you with greater ease of use.
  • With the latest update, you can now also connect to your Dedicated IP in the Linux GUI app.


  • Bugs fixes.

Version 2.0.0

LinuxDate: 09-January-2023


  • Our team has spent the past few weeks enhancing and adding new features to the Linux CLI application in order to give you with the best experience possible. Here’s what we have for you.
  • We have now added the WireGuard protocol that is optimized to provide you with the fastest speed and the highest level of security.
  • For our users’ convenience we have now made the Linux CLI app more user-friendly than it was earlier.
  • The new CLI app provides a significantly more stable connection experience.
  • To further enhance your security, we have also included the Internet Kill Switch feature. It disables your internet the moment your VPN connection drops in order to prevent your IP from getting exposed.

Version 2.3.0

LinuxDate: 07-December-2022


  • In this release, we’ve made a change for our port forwarding users. We now support port forwarding at the top 21 locations so that our team can focus on improving the service quality of these dedicated servers for you.
  • For your convenience, we’ve highlighted these locations in all our apps and Member’s Area.
  • This change will further allow us to expand our VPN network to new locations.

Version 2.2.0

LinuxDate: 21-Oct-2022


  • We have now added the WireGuard protocol that is optimized to provide you with the fastest speed and the highest level of security.
  • If you’re looking for a location that is not available in the app, then you can now simply request it and our team will work on providing it as soon as possible.

Version 2.1.0

LinuxDate: 03-Oct-2022


  • In this release our team has worked on some new features and improvements in the app to further enhance our users’ experience and add greater convenience.
  • With the “Auto connect after launch” feature, you can now automatically connect to your chosen location after you launch the app.
  • You can also mark your top most connected locations as “Favorites” so you won’t have to search for them from the locations list every time.
  • We have also added a “Change Server” option on the dashboard, to let you easily switch to another server for a specific location.
  • To further improve your experience, we now automatically reconnect you to the VPN in case of any disconnections or interruptions.
  • Release Checklist Sheet.