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PureVPN Order Declined

Mar 05, 2016
May 31, 2023
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There are some instances when an order placed by you for PureVPN is declined by the payment processor. Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • You ordered from a country other than where your credit card is registered.
  • The personal details entered by you do not match the details associated with the card.
  • The billing address entered by you was incorrect
  • You ordered while using a proxy IP address or a VPN service.
  • You have reversed a transaction for fraud in the past.
  • paying by Paypal, you may have specified a billing address that does not match the address on file at

Once declined, the payment will be automatically transferred back to the customer’s account.

Should your order get declined, it’s recommended to just place a new order by visiting PureVPN’s website click here.

If you’re sure all data entered by you in the order process was correct, then it makes sense to choose a different payment processor or a payment method for your new order.

If you still face any problem then there is nothing to worry, you can contact us at 24/7 on Live chat or you can also drop us an email. Please identify the reason behind the decline so we can try to get your order accepted.

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Comments (2 )


  1. Eric G. Mitchell says:

    For some reason, my check card was declined. So I used my credit card. My credit card company says that the transaction went through, but I cannot connect and received an email that my payment was declined. Please recheck the situation. I am wanting to begin using your service since it came with the highest recommendation.

  2. liao says:

    This vpn can’t works in china. I want to be refunded.