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MikroTik VPN Configuration (PPTP)

Jul 08, 2014
May 19, 2023
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Starting June 15th, 2021, PureVPN will discontinue offering support for PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols on the majority of VPN locations.

However, at the popular request of our users, we will continue to support the following locations for users to connect using PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols:

United Kingdom:
United States:
United States:
United States:
United States:
United States:
United States:

MikroTik routers support IKv6 security protocol and the operating system is based on Linux Kernel and is compatible with many applications used by various internet service providers. MikroTik routers also support VPNs, which is as good as a blessing.

Things to Consider:

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • You have a working internet connection
  • MikroTik PPTP Supported Router
  • A Premium PureVPN account (if you haven’t bought it yet, click here to buy)

The following is a setup guide for PPTP Client on MikroTik:

1. Login in to your router. Click PPP and select PPTP client. 

01 Mikrotik PPTP

2. Enter PureVPN-PPTP in the Name section. 

02 Mikrotik PPTP

3. Click Dial Out and enter the server address you want to connect with.

  • Use the servers mentioned in above note.
  • Now, enter your PureVPN credentials in the User and Password fields respectively. For further instructions on how to check your active PureVPN credentials click here.
  • Check-mark the dial on demand and add default route options.
  • Click on Apply/OK to save your settings.

Note: If you face any problem in connecting VPN then uncheck ‘Add Default Route’

03 Mikrotik PPTP vpn

4. Now click IP from main menu and select Firewall.

04 VPN on Mikrotik PPTP

5. Now choose the NAT tab and add a new NAT rule. choose scrnat from chain and PureVPN-PPTP from Out Interface List. 

05 Mikrotik PPTP

6. Now, click the Action tab and select masquerade from the dropdown list. Click Apply/OK to save the settings.

06 Mikrotik PPTP PureVPN

7. Now select the Mangle tab and add a new rule.  In the General, tab, choose prerouting from the chain list. Then enter the IP address you wish to connect with or the range of the IP addresses you want to route through the VPN tunnel in the Src Address field.

Note: The IP address you are supposed to enter is your Public IP address. In order to view your Public IP address, please click here.

07 Mikrotik PPTP

8. Now choose the Action tab and choose mark routing from the Action list. Type PureVPN-PPTP in the New Routing Mark field and save the settings. 

08 Mikrotik PPTP

9. Click IP from the main menu and choose Routes. 

09 Mikrotik PPTP

10. Now click the ‘+’ icon to add a new route. Enter in the Dst. Address, choose PureVPN-PPTP from Gateway and then choose PureVPN-PPTP from the Routing Mark. Click Apply/OK to save your settings.

10 Mikrotik PPTP

11. Now click IP from the main menu and select DNS. 

11 Mikrotik

12. Check-mark Allow Remote Requests and save the settings. 

12 Mikrotik PPTP

13. Click IP from the main menu and select DHCP Server. 

13 Mikrotik PPTP

14. Now enter, (These are OpenDNS addresses, you can enter any DNS address of your choice) in DNS Servers fields. Click Apply/OK to save your settings. 


15. Now click Interfaces from the main menu, open the PureVPN-PPTP interface, and enable the connection from the status tab. 


That’s about it. Enjoy total and unlimited internet freedom with PureVPN!

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