I Want to Change My Email Address, Is it Possible?

Oct 11, 2014
Apr 01, 2021
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Do you wish to change your existing email id and use a new email ID for PureVPN? You can do that easily by following this tutorial:

1 Log in to my.purevpn.com

2 Select Account & Billing from the left panel.

3 Click the pen icon to edit your email address.

4 Now, enter your new email address and current Member’s area password to approve email change, then click Update.

5 Follow the email instructions to verify your new email address.

6 You’re all set and your email address has been successfully updated.

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  1. Cedric Buchanon says:

    I want to change e-mail addresses. My old e-mail is [email protected], but wanna change it to [email protected]