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How to setup VPN on Dishy

Oct 06, 2022
Feb 21, 2023
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What is Dishy?

Dishy is a satellite dish that you need to purchase from SpaceX in order to sign up for their Starlink satellite broadband internet service. Starlink is an internet service that beamed down from satellites in space and captured by a dish on your property. The Dish is then connected to your modem, which finally connects your computer to the internet signal.

What is SpaceX and Starlink?

SpaceX is a leading spacecraft and rocket manufacturer that was founded in 2002 with the goal of revolutionising space technology. Their mission is to make it possible for people to live on other planets in the future. Starlink is one of SpaceX’s innovative projects – it is a fleet of low orbiting satellites launched with the intention of providing internet connection worldwide.

Why Should I Use a VPN With SpaceX Starlink Dishy?

VPN service is an important consideration for anyone using Starlink Dishy. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it difficult for others to track your online activity or steal your personal information. Additionally, a VPN can help you access websites and content that may be blocked in your country.

Access Geo-restricted Content:

  • There are several reasons to use a VPN with Starlink Dishy. First and the most common example of why you need a VPN with Starlink Dishy is that it helps you access websites and content that may be blocked in your country. 
  • As we know that website’s behaviour can change depending on the location it is being accessed from. This can result in different subscription pricing to showing location-specific content, or even not allowing access at all
  • With PureVPN you’ll have the ability to access the streaming services that are geo-restricted in your region simply by connecting to our 6500+ servers located in 78 countries.

Protect Your Digital Identity:

  • Another important reason is protecting your digital identity and maintaining anonymity. As we know that internet service providers collect a lot of information about users, whether they want it or not. And many times, these companies sell this data to third parties or business partners, without the user’s knowledge or consent.
  • Using PureVPN you can simply eliminate these privacy leaks and browse the internet with complete anonymity.

Online Gaming:

  • If you’re a gamer, you may want to consider using a VPN with your Starlink Internet Service. Starlink’s CGNAT technology (which is similar to what cell phone carriers use) can cause some issues with online gaming. If you connect your game console or PC to an ISP that uses CGNAT, you won’t be able to host any online matches. Your NAT type will show as strict because you won’t be able to accept any incoming connections.
  • PureVPN can help you eliminate CGNAT and connect you directly to a public IP address, which is one of the only ways to fix the issues associated with CGNAT when gaming.
How to setup PureVPN on Dishy via router
  • If you have a Starlink dishy and you want to set up PureVPN on your router, then simply follow these steps:
Note: Before configuring VPN on router please make sure that your router is not working as a modem and have PPTP and OpenVPN Client.
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  • Log into your router’s web interface. This is usually done by entering your router’s IP address into a web browser.
  • Find the section for VPN settings and enter your VPN server’s IP address or hostname.
  • Save your changes and reboot your router.
  • That’s it! Your traffic will now route through the VPN. Enjoy your increased privacy and security!
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