How to Setup PPTP on Kali Linux

Jun 13, 2019
May 06, 2021
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Are you having a hard time configuring PureVPN PPTP set up on Kali Linux? Let us simplify the process for you. Just follow this guide and set up PureVPN on your Linux with a few clicks.

1 Open Terminal

2 Install required package by entering the commands mentioned below

apt-get update

apt-get install network-manager-pptp-gnome

3 Open “Wired Settings” (Network settings)

4 Click “+” icon to create a new connection

5 Select “Point-to-point Tunneling protocol (PPTP)

6 Insert the following details:

  • Enter PureVPN PPTP in “Name” field,
  • Gateway field : Server address which can be checked from here
  • Username: Your PureVPN username shared via email
  • Password: Your PureVPN password shared via email
7 Click “Advanced”

8 Check “Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)” and click “Ok”

9 Click “Add”

10 Open “Network Connections” then “VPN Off”, click “connect”

11 If you’re asked for authentication again, enter your PureVPN Password.

12 Wait for PureVPN to establish your connection.

13 You are now connected!

14 If you wish to change the server address, do the following.

  • Go to “Network Connections”
  • Edit “PureVPN PPTP”
  • Change “Gateway” field with a new server address
  • Click “Apply”

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