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How to Setup L2TP on Kali Linux

Feb 10, 2020
Nov 30, 2021
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Starting June 15th, 2021, PureVPN will discontinue offering support for PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols on the majority of VPN locations.

However, at the popular request of our users, we will continue to support the following locations for users to connect using PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols:

Germany: de1.pointtoserver.com
Netherlands: nl1.pointtoserver.com
United Kingdom: ukl1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usil1.pointtoserver.com
United States: ustx1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usca1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usfl1.pointtoserver.com
United States: usny1.pointtoserver.com
United States: uswdc1.pointtoserver.com
Australia: au-sd1.pointtoserver.com

Follow the instructions to enable PureVPN on your Kali Linux with L2TP protocol. Here’s how to proceed.

  • Go to the Menu option and search and open the Terminal Emulator.
  • Now you need to install L2TP packages. Type the following commands one by one:
    1. sudo apt-get update
    2. sudo apt-get install network-manager-l2tp-gnome
    3. sudo apt-get install xl2tpd
  • Now Select the following options:
    1. Click on Ethernet Network Connection
    2. Go to VPN Connections
    3. Select Add a VPN Connection…

  • Select Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) option. Click the Create button.

  • When a new window appear, complete the fields as below:
    1. Insert Connection name: PureVPN
    2. Insert the desired server: Please refer to the server address shared in the above note.
    3. Enter your PureVPN credentials. Here is how you can find your VPN credentials.

  • Click IPsec Settings
    1. Check Enable Ipsec tunnel to IPsec host
    2. Pre-share key: 12345678
    3. Then specify connection algorithms in Advanced section:
    4. For phase 1= 3des-sha1-modp1024
    5. For phase 2 = 3des-sha1
    6. Click OK

  • Go to the PPP Settings…button

Allow the following options:

    1. MSCHAP
    2. MSCHAP2

Also, select the following:

    1. Allow BSD data compression
    2. Allow Deflate data compression
    3. Use TCP header compression

  • Сlick OK then Save.
  • Now go to Ethernet Network Connections option and under VPN Connections click/ check on the newly created PureVPN connection to activate VPN.

  • You are now connected to PureVPN.

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