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How to Disable Geolocation Sharing on Different Browsers

May 14, 2019
Feb 06, 2021
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Many websites request a browser to share the user’s real location before they load content. To safeguard your privacy, this guide will teach you how to disable geolocation sharing on your browser.

Google Chrome
1 Select the Chrome Menu Button (⋮ or ≡)

2 Select Settings

3 Scroll down and select Advanced

4 Under Privacy and Security, select Content settings…

5 Navigate to the Location section

6 Click the slider for Ask before accessing (Recommended)

Mozilla Firefox
1 In the URL bar, enter about:config

2 You will see a “This might void your warranty” warning. Click I accept the risk!

3 In the search bar, enter geo.enabled

4 Double click on the geo.enabled preference so that the value becomes false

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1 Select the Gear Icon

2 Select Internet Options

3 Select the Privacy tab

4 Under “Location”, check the box for Never allow websites to request your physical location

5 Next to the box for “Never allow websites to request your physical location”, select Clear Sites to remove old sites which have access to your physical location

Microsoft Edge
1 On your Windows 10 Desktop, hit Win + A to open Action Center

2 Select All Settings > Privacy > Location

3 Click the Location Service slider to turn it off

4 Scroll down to Location History

5 Under Clear history on this device, click Clear

Apple Safari
1 Select Safari in the top left corner of the browser

2 Select Preferences…

3 In the Privacy tab, under Website Tracking, make sure Prevent cross-site tracking and Ask websites not to track me are checked

1 In the URL bar, enter about:config

2 On the left-side menu bar, select Websites

3 Scroll down to Location and select Do not allow any site to track my physical location

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