Why you need to fill google captcha when using a VPN

Discover the importance of completing Google Captcha while using a VPN, ensuring enhanced online security and protecting your privacy by learning about the reasons behind this security measure.

Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at January 25th, 2024

Why are you asked to fill captcha repeatedly when using a VPN service?

There are countless of people who are confused as to what Google Captcha is and why do they encounter it so often when using a VPN. Many are worried that filling the Captcha may compromise their privacy and online anonymity. Before we answer these questions, we need you to understand what Google Captcha really is.


What a captcha really is?

The word 'Captcha' is an abbreviation for 'Completely Automated Public Turing Test'. Captchas usually consist of a letter or a number sequence that has been distorted or is a little difficult to read. Captcha is basically a test put forward by Google to deduce whether the entity making the search is actually a human or a bot.

These Captchas are not intended to stop users from browsing, but are made to filter out any fake traffic generated on the site by bots, etc. Only humans are smart enough to pass through the Captcha code.


Why google want VPN users to fill in captchas?

When you use VPN without the dedicated IP feature, you're actually sharing an IP with other VPN users. This means that there may be countless of people searching for something on Google using the same IP address.

When Google sees a lot of searches originating from the same computer, it confuses these people for bots or spammers, and therefore requests you to fill out a Captcha occasionally. Filling out the Captcha verifies that you're not a bot or a computer program making fake searches.


Does google captcha compromise online security?

Completing Google Captcha doesn't compromise your identity, as the IP address you use is shared with other users concurrently, making tracking challenging. Additionally, having a dedicated IP, such as PureVPN's, can enhance online security by effectively bypassing CAPTCHAs, ensuring a secure and seamless online experience.