Important announcement - we are removing virtual locations from the PureVPN service

PureVPN is removing virtual locations from its service, so customers will have fewer options for their VPN needs.

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at January 11th, 2024

naWhich virtual locations are being removed?

  • In total, we were offering 88 virtual locations.
  • We are removing 64 virtual locations.
  • We are retaining 23 virtual locations.
  • 2 virtual locations are converted to physical locations.
  • 1 location is converted from a physical to a virtual location.

The decision is taken to improve your experience with PureVPN's service and provide you with an even more reliable service.

But first, what is a virtual server location?

A VPN server that assigns you the IP address of a country you have chosen to connect to, but the server itself is physically located in another country is called Virtual Server Location.

For example, Jordan is one of the Virtual Server Locations in the PureVPN network. When you connect to it, the IP address you are assigned is Jordan, but the VPN server is physically located in Egypt.

Why were we offering virtual locations?

We are focused on enriching the internet experience for our users. So, we are cautious about where our VPN servers are located. In some countries, it isn't easy to find a data center that meets our set standards for reliability, security, and high-speed internet bandwidth. Hence, virtual server locations allow us to offer such countries for our users to connect to.

So, why are we removing these locations?

We recently received feedback from our users that when they connect to our virtual locations, the IP address assigned to them is not of the country they connected to. Also, we are observing continuous user complaints about inconsistent speeds and network disconnection issues explicitly related to virtual locations.

The following virtual locations are removed:

Armenia Guyana Mauritius Seychelles
Azerbaijan Haiti Mongolia Slovenia
Belize Honduras Montenegro Srilanka
Bosnia Isle of Men Montserrat Suriname
Cambodia Jamaica Morocco Syria
Cape Verde Jordan Myanmar Tajikistan
Colombia Kazakhstan Nicaragua Tanzania
Croatia Kuwait Niger Trinidad and Tobago
Dominica Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Tunisia
Dominican Republic LAOS Papua New Guinea Turkmenistan
Ecuador Lebanon Paraguay Turks and Caicos Island
El Salvador Liechtenstein Peru Uruguay
Ethiopia Macao Qatar Uzbekistan
Ghana Madagascar Saint Lucia Venezuela
Grenada Malta Saudi Arabia Yemen
Guatemala Mauritania Senegal Kenya

The following virtual locations are retained:

Afghanistan Algeria Angola
Argentina Aruba Bahamas
Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados
Bermuda Bolivia Brunei
Cayman Islands Egypt Monaco
Oman Panama Puerto Rico
Vietnam British Virgin Islands Philippines
India Mumbai Nigeria China

The following virtual locations got converted to physical locations:

  • Chile

The following physical location got converted into the virtual location:

  • Philippines