Written By Fahad Ahmed

Updated at August 31st, 2023

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR' is an error in the Chrome browser which can appear for some different reasons, both with and without the VPN. If you are getting this error when you’re using the PureVPN, please try the solutions below.

1. Restarting your browser

  • Close your chrome browser and start it again.


2. Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date

  • Update your Chrome browser to the latest version

3. Use Chrome’s incognito mode

  • Try to access that website in incognito mode.

4.  Flush Sockets

There are two methods two flush sockets

  • Open Chrome browser and visit the following url to open and Flush Sockets.


  • Open Chrome browser and visit the following link and click on the Flush Sockets Pool button to get rid of the error.


5.  Clear Host Cache and DNS Cache

To clear hosts cache of chrome Open chrome nrowser and visit to following url and click on the clear host Cache Button.


To Clear the DNS Cache Run the command prompt with administrator rights. To do so run command prompt by right clicking and selecting option “Run as Administrator” and run the following command on command prompt

ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /releaseipconfig /release

Hopefully all these step will fix your issue. But if the problem is still there try to remove and install chrome again. Reinstalling latest chrome browser can hopefully fix the most of the issues. Otherwise you have to switch the browser. Please provide your feedback or any other suggestion / fix for this issue in the below comment box