I haven’t received my Login information, what should i do?

PureVPN users who didn’t receive their login information, should follow this guide to get access to PureVPN's service

Written By Lorenzo Vincent

Updated at October 6th, 2023

Please note that your Login information is your email and password that you set up initially while purchasing PureVPN. However if you forgot your password then you can reset it here.

Not getting password reset email? Here are a few reasons for that.

  • Emails may go to your Spam folder: Our emails to you might be going to your Spam/Junk/Promotional folder so kindly have a look at your Spam folder.
  • Email host may block emails coming from our account system: It's possible that some email hosts misinterpret the emails coming from our accounting system and may have flagged our domain as spam. The only recourse in this case would be to change your email address associated with PureVPN, to one on an entirely different email domain. 

In case, you are still facing issues then you may simply email us at help@purevpn.com and support heroes will get back to you.