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Bad Ad Johnny: FAQs

Sep 27, 2016
Jun 25, 2019
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 What is Bad Ad Johnny? (What’s with the name?)

Bad Ad Johnny is an ad-blocker, malware tracker and spyware dodger all coupled into one browser extension – with a personality. Since ads are generally bad for all internet users, they were equally bad for Johnny too, hence the name Bad Ad Johnny.

How does Bad Ad Johnny work? (What’s with this ad, malware and tracker hunting mission?)

Bad Ad Johnny is a revolutionary product developed by PureVPN to further enhance online security, privacy and anonymity of internet users. It’s common knowledge that ads and websites nowadays are aimed at tracking and monitoring visitors, which is highly unethical to say the least. This is why Bad Ad Johnny is on a mission to stop such nuisances and help internet users reclaim their right to privacy.  

Does Bad Ad Johnny collect any user data? (Will Bad Ad Johnny stalk me?)

Bad Ad Johnny has been specifically designed to not collect any user data; naught, nil, nada, nothing, zero, and zilch.  

How to contact us? (How do you give a shout out to Bad Ad Johnny?)

How to report an issue? (How do you call out Bad Ad Johnny on straying from his mission?)

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Simply drop us an email: [email protected]

What are modes? (What’s the sideways text thing you have going on?)

Bad Ad Johnny comprises 3 essential tools (adblocking, malware protection, spyware/tracker protection). Users have the option of activating a single, any two or all three (recommended) based on their requirement:

                – Beast Mode (tracker + malware + ads)

This is the mode we recommend. By enabling all three features, you can rest assured that the extension is not only proactively blocking threats; it also saves you from eyesores, aka ads.

Beast Mode

                – Throwing Punches (Malware + Tracker)

This less than completely awesome mode keeps you safe from malware and trackers, but since it has restricted, you are left at the mercy of ads.

                – Power Surge (Ads + Malware)

This mode has all most of the bases covered, but you are still susceptible to nosy trackers, aka spyware.

                – Destroy! (Ads + Trackers)

Same as Power Surge, except that this time you can fall victim to malware.

                – Feed Me More! (Ads Only)

Bad Ad Johnny’s appetite cannot be satiated with ads only. It needs to stop ads, fight malware, dodge trackers and speed up your browsing to fulfill its mission.  

                – Knocking EM’ Out! (Malware Only)

Some people like to live dangerously, and although it’s never recommended to do so, this mode only protects you from malware. But beware, this leaves you wide open for ads and monitoring.

                – Can’t C ME! (Trackers Only)

You might think that since you have nothing to hide, nobody’s going to track you. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but that isn’t going to happen. Third-parties monitoring and tracking you are ruthless and they don’t discriminate.

                – R U Serious? (None of the 3 Features Activated)

Woah! Don’t even think about going online in this mode. You don’t know what lurks around in the deep, dark valleys of the internet. Take Bad Ad Johnny along and see him in action.

What is “Disable on this site”? (What does this button doooOoo?)

This feature allows you to disable Bad Ad Johnny on a specific site for the current session.

Why do we use double b’s everywhere? (Bbut why is there an abbundance of b’s?)

That’s just how Johnny is!

What is our stance on acceptable ads? (Do you stab customer’s in the back?)

It’s needless to say that we take privacy extremely seriously. We do not have an “acceptable ads” policy. For us, the only acceptable ads are the ones you deem acceptable; we do not and will not enforce any ads on you, with or without you knowing about it.

What is “targeted elements” feature? (say wha?)

This feature has been added to help you get rid of unwanted content on a web page by specifically picking HTML elements.

What’s being displayed In My Performance section?  (What are those numbers about?)

This section contains all the stats related to Bad Ad Johnny’s performance, including the number of ads blocked, total trackers dodged, etc.

What are custom filters? (Blacklist sites, Whitlelist sites)

The custom filters feature allows you to block/unblock something in particular by creating your own custom filter rules.

How Do I Add a Link in Blacklist/Whitelist? (What do I do here?)

Type the name of the domain you want to blacklist/Whitelist. You can also block specific directories on a website by entering its sub-directories like “”.

What lists does Bad Ad Johnny use? (Who’s your source!?)

Besides employing all the major open source lists, Bad Ad Johnny also relies on its custom lists to defeat the bad guys.

What’s Under the Settings Tab?

                – Allow Global lists to auto update

Allowing global lists to update makes sure that Bad Ad Johnny remains up-to-date with the recent developments in the dark alleys of the web.

                – Hide HTML ads

This helps Bad Ad Johnny get rid of the unwanted content on a webpage.

                – Disable Link Prefetching and why is it recommended

Link prefetching allows web browsers to pre-load various external resources to speed up loading and rendering of the page. Allowing link prefetching might result in some ads escaping Bad Ad Johnny’s watchful eyes.

                – Enable global strict blocking and why is it recommended

Global Strict Blocking will allow Bad Ad Johnny to block any website from loading that contains malware, spyware and other threats.

Please use the comment box for your suggestions & feedback. For additional help, please submit support ticket with errors and screen shots (if possible) OR Contact our 24/7 live chat.

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