I Haven’t Received My Login Information, What Should I Do?

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Jul 27, 2018
Aug 15, 2018
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There are various reasons which can keep you from receiving your account login information. We’ll be outlining the most common ones below:

Is your email address correct?

Please ensure that your email account is correct. We have sent you PureVPN Username and Password to the email address you’ve registered with us.

Emails may go to your Spam folder: Our emails to you might be going to your Spam/Junk folder so kindly have a look at your Spam folder.

Email host may block emails coming from our account system: It’s possible that some email hosts misinterpret the emails coming from our accounting system and may have flagged our domain as spam. The only recourse in this case would be to change your email address associated with PureVPN, to one on an entirely different email domain. 

Delay in Payment Confirmation

Usually, some payment services take time to verify your payment and notify us about the payment confirmation, which leads to the delay in account issuance. If you have made the payment via either BitPay or Bank Transfer, then please do as follows;

1- BitPay: Takes at least 3 hours till you receive confirmation of your payment.

2- Bank Transfer: A payment via Bank transfer can take 3 to 7 working days to receive payment confirmation as this is the standard verification time for this method.


In case, you still have not received the payment confirmation in standard time, then it is suggested that you send your transaction details via email to [email protected] and we will assist you accordingly.

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Comments (17 )


  1. Jesse Hickey says:

    Hello. I’v entered my payment information and have not received any sort of confirmation, save for a message from my bank notifying me of the transaction.

  2. allen says:

    email is wrong on my account i cant log in to pay n accesss

  3. mike warner says:

    I can’t log in with my terminal It says wrong name or password I have tried many times I don’t know witch is wrong can you help?

  4. MENGFAN QIN says:

    I just bought one month !!!but I find out they keep charge my card for almost one year and I never use it !!I keep sending email but not working!!!!!please give me my money back!!

  5. Lois Petch says:

    Hi I purchased pure vpn a few months back. I had to reboot computer and did not have the vpn username and password wrote down. Can you please send it to me

  6. Francisco says:


    I would like to close my account and you stop charging my credit card. Inmediately.

    Francisco Correa

  7. steve bilson says:

    I have not received my account information for a 2 year plan I purchased today.
    The purchase was made on a kodi box (android version 6.0.1 and when I tried to download from google play, it said the version was not compatable with my device?

  8. Christopher R Veres says:

    Please refund per your guarantee. Thanks.

  9. Suresh says:

    I want to deactivate my vpn and delete the account. How would I do that?

  10. Gene McCutchen says:

    Please do not renew my account automatically as I do not wish to renew, can no longer justify this expense. So if you will, please save us both some time and effort and do not renew automatically.

    Thanks in advance!
    Gene McCutchen

  11. Joseph W Dominguez says:

    I have two (2 VPN accounts already purevpn0s2543300 and purevpn0s6574385 and neither works. I have a good internet connection. What is the problem.

  12. ben says:

    can you tell me my ACCOUNT DETAILS please?
    Quite possibly the most frustrating way to login I’ve ever experienced.

  13. ben mackenzie says:

    I have a NEW computer, and I don’t know my VPN account login details.
    Can you help?
    Ben Mackenzie

  14. Ismaaeel says:

    Dear Purevpn, i bought a vpn package from back in 2016 during the mid summer. The package was that i pay for 1 year and I get 1 year free. That means that my subscription should have ended by now but i have found out today from a live chat on your website that the subscription has automatically renewed itself for another 2 years. I was completely unaware of this. I would like to know how i can cancel this new subscription and any charges related to the cancellation. The email associated with this vpn package is : [email protected]

    Thank you.

  15. Rudy Champa says:

    I just tried your service for the past 30 days. I am still not sure I want to pay for 1 or more years.
    Your competition has much better prices but since I started with you guys I would like to continue evaluating. My biggest problem has been getting shut down after being on line for a while (over 2 hours) and then having to go through a whole bunch of crap to shut down everything reboot and start over. Also, instructions on how to work are not easy for me to understand. and I am NOT 100% convinced that no one is seeing my activity… the more I read, the more I find out I have to work to add stuff. MY QUESTION IS SIMPLE, IS THE ONLY PAY CHOICES 1 MONTH, 1 YEAR, 2 YEARS, AND 5 YEARS? I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET 3MOS.

  16. XIA JUN says:

    I want to stop using purevpn and get my money back.
    What should i do?

  17. alvaro de sousa says:

    I do not understand why my account is disabled, In my bank the money is not returned, I pay $ 59.76 for two years of service. I do not understand why I should send a picture of my card, if the only way is to send the photo of my card, I’m not going to do it, I request the return of my money.