How to Turbo Charge Your VPN Speed?

There are multiple factors that may cause slow speed. Here is a guide to get the maximum Speed on VPN connection.

1-  Change Protocols

Different Internet Service Providers support different protocols. If you are experiencing slow speed, switch between the protocols i.e. PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Switching between the protocols also resolves the disconnection issue.

PureVPN windows application use Automatic protocol by default. This connects to SSTP protocol if PPTP is blocked, which may drop the internet speed as well. If you get any issue in connecting PPTP or L2TP then make sure that both protocols are working fine on your internet connection.

Some routers keep PPTP, L2TP and IPSec pass through options disabled by default. Check your router for PPTP, L2TP and IPSec pass through options under Firewall / Security tab and enable them. Also some 3rd party Anti-virus firewalls blocks PPTP and L2TP. Allow PPTP and L2TP through your 3rd party Anti-virus firewalls.

Some popular European ISPs (Internet Service Providers) block PPTP Protocol. So, if you are from Europe and PPTP is not giving you a smooth connection then try switching to other protocols.

Most Canadian ISPs support L2TP and provide better speed than PPTP

2- Turn off Firewall

Some Routers and 3rd party firewalls also cause speed and disconnection issues. Disable the Router / 3rdparty / Windows Firewall and check the connection stability and speed.

3- Select the Nearest/Closest Server

If you are located too far from a VPN server (Your desired location), you may not get maximum speed of that VPN server.This is because the network traffic may travel around the Earth from a user (your current location) to a VPN server (your desired location) and then back to destination host.

We recommend that you use PureVPN Purpose selection tool. It will find the best server as per your location, your purpose, your internet speed, etc. and help you get the maximum speed and connection stability.

You can select the bast server by using our Speed Test Tool for manual configuration.

4- P2P File Sharing.

If you are getting speed issue with P2P File sharing then you must be connecting to server where it is blocked.

P2P / File sharing is allowed on specific servers. Please connect to Turkish , Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Russia server.

If you are using PureVPN Client on Windows then select File Sharing from purpose menu. It will automatically connect you to the best server as per your location.

Details here

5- Use Purpose Selection Tool

We have built in "Purpose Selection Tool" in our Windows Dialer and Android App. You can use them to boost up your speed . For other devices and operating systems like Mac, iOS, Router etc. we have integrated this tool on our website "Speed Test Tool" for best server recommendation as per your purpose or country that can be used to configure PureVPN manually by following our Manual Setup Guide.

For Windows: Click on purpose drop down menu, select your purpose and connect VPN.


For Android: Go to "Server Selection" page and click “Filter by Purpose” at the top of the page.


6- Encryption

Speed is directly related to the Protocol you select. PPTP is less encrypted and offer higher speed whereas L2TP  and SSTP are more secure and offer high level encryption up to 256-bit therefore they offer slow speed. Whenever user increases encryption level it decreases the speed. However, OpenVPN may give you high encryption with good speed.

7- Unable to Access Certain Websites Over VPN

If you are unable to access certain websites while VPN is connected then you need to change DNS and MTU value of your system / devices. Please follow our guide here 

8-Finally, Speed Depends Upon Your Internet Connection.

Follow the below mentioned steps to check your speed:

1. Disconnect VPN.

2. Visit

3. Select your location as the same as VPN server in the map. (For example: If you want to access a UK website, select UK from the Map to test speed from your location to UK without VPN.)

4. Test your internet connection speed.

5. Now connect to VPN.

6. Test your internet connection speed with same servers.


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