How to setup PureVPN manually on Windows 8 (L2TP)?

Follow these simple steps to configure PureVPN manually on Windows 8:

Step1: Right click on "Lan / Wifi icon” from System tray and select "Open Network and Sharing Center"

Step2: Click on "Set up a new connection or network"

Step3: Select "Connect to workplace" and click “Next”

Step4: Select "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"

* Insert desired server address / IP. Click here to get the server list.
* Insert destination name as PureVPN L2TP or PureVPN US etc
* Select "Remember my credentials"
* Select "Allow other people to use this connection"
* Click "Create"

Step6: Right click on "PureVPN L2TP" connection and select "View connection properties" 

Note: If you are on Windows 8.1, then click on "Change Adapter Settings" from the "Network and Sharing Center, right click on PureVPN L2TP connection, select Properties

Step7: Click on Security tab and select "Layer 2 Tunneling protocol with IPsec (L2TP)"

Step8: Click on Advance Settings then select "Use preshared key for authentication" and insert "12345678" in Key box.

Step9: Select desired encryption from "Data encryption" drop down menu.

*Click on "Networking" tab
*Uncheck "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" then
click "OK"

Step11: Click on Wifi / Lan icon from System tray

Step12: Click on PureVPN L2TP connection and click "Connect"

Step13: Insert your Username and Password provided by PureVPN then Click "OK"
Important Note: Please always remember your PureVPN username & password is different from your Website client area email address & Password.

Step14: VPN connection will establish after verifying account details.

Step15: You are connected now.

Step16: To disconnect VPN, click on Lan / Wifi icon from System tray

Step17: Click on VPN connection and click "Disconnect"

Caution: If you are looking for higher security, then please follow this guide to disable your IPv6

If you are still facing any confusion? Simply contact our Customer Support representative via Live Chat.

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